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Blake Horstmann first came to the attention of the public as a contestant on 

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. However, while he was not lucky in love on TV, he did find his calling in the music industry while guest DJ’ing a fellow Bachelor alumni’s event.


Through his dedication to his craft, a passion for music, and some questionable dance moves, Blake gained momentum as a DJ, playing in clubs from LA to NYC and a residency in his home town of Denver, CO. 


As of Spring 2022 Blake has joined Roadhouse, a collaboration project with DJ Silver, the first DJ to ever be signed to a Nashville label. 


To find out where Blake or the Roadhouse team are playing next check the events page. 


Blake Horstmann DJ
Blake Horstmann DJ - DJ Silver
Roadhouse DJ Blake Horstmann DJ Silver

RoadHouse is a collaboration of Country Music’s most recognizable Dee Jay, DJ Silver, and DJ Blake. 

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